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July 20th – Closing at 5 PM for Ticketed Event | 6 PM – Drag in the Vines. Click HERE For Tickets

The Winery

Peachbarn Winery offers estate-grown wines that are hand-crafted to pair well with a meal or simply to be enjoyed with friends. 

Cocktail Party.  Girls’ Night Out.  Family Barbecue.  Wine Pairing Dinner.  Romantic Night In.  We have wine for every occasion at the Peachbarn.

Whether you’re joining us in our new, upstairs tasting room and dining room, or outside on our deck in the pavilion, while listening to live music, we’re sure you’ll find a wine or two to take home.

We are a family-friendly establishment and dogs are welcome outside!


peachbarn patina white wine

Patina White Wine

Estate-grown Chardonel - Aromas of pear and apple with a crisp, long-lasting finish make this wine the perfect sipping wine. 
Alcohol 12.50%

peachbarn old school red wine

Old School Red Wine

Estate-grown Chambourcin grapes featuring dark berry notes and a peppery finish.
Alcohol 14.00%

peachbarn mid century white wine

Mid Century Wine

Estate-grown Traminette grapes with a complex floral and citrusy note, finishes dry and crisp.
Alcohol 12.00%


peachbarn barn red wine

Barn Red Wine

A semi-sweet red wine of estate grown Chambourcin grapes featuring cherry and strawberry notes with a soft finish. Think Pinot Noir.
Alcohol 14.00%

peachbarn berra's berry rose wine

Berra's Berry

A blend of Shawnee Hills AVA chambourcin and corot noir grapes grown, harvested, processed, and bottled on-site. Notes of strawberry and wild berry in this fruit-forward tribute to winery dog Berra released on National Dog Day.
Alcohol 14.00%

peachbarn peach fizz wine

Peach Fuzz

A peach wine made from red haven and contender peaches grown, harvested, processed, and bottled on site. Pure fruit, no artificial peach flavorings.Tastes like peach in a bottle!
*Winner of 2021 Illinois State Fair's Governor Cup
Alcohol 14.00%

peachbarn old school peach wine

Old School Peach

A very unique DRY peach wine made from our orchard peaches-contender and red-haven. NOTHING but the peach!
Alcohol 14.00%

peachbarn memorabilia rose wine


Our 2020 vintage of dry rosé rebranded. Estate-grown Chambourcin grapes with notes of strawberries and violets, finishes crisp and dry.
Alcohol 14.00%

Barn White

A semi-sweet white wine of estate-grown Chardonel grapes. Citrus and sweet pineapple notes with a buttery finish round out this full-bodied white sipper.
Alcohol 14.00%


2018 Hedman's Chambourcin Dessert

Founding owners Anders and Gerd Hedman created this port-style dessert wine of estate-grown Chambourcin grapes and added notes of dark berries. A sweet start with a slightly spicy finish.
Alcohol 18.00%


2019 Concord Wine

Sweet grape-flavored wine with a tart finish.
Alcohol 12.50%


2022 Retro Fizz

Celebrate year-round with our semi-sweet Chambourcin rosé, Retro Fizz! Notes of strawberries and raspberries come alive in a bubbly party on your palate. Add your favorite spicy dish and party hat and you’re the razzmatazz, Daddy-O!
Alcohol 12.00%

2022 Glühwein

***Due to the amount of mulled spices infused in this wine and the bottling process we recommend consumption within 3 months of purchase. It is normal to have some leakage around the cork***
A traditional mixture of red wine and spices, Glühwein is a German-style spiced wine meaning ‘glow wine’ dating back to when it was heated with glowing hot pokers. It pairs excellently with sweet pies, blue cheese dishes or alone served warmed or even chilled over ice. Meant to be enjoyed with family over the holidays. Cheers!
Alcohol 12.00%


2019 HER Rose

Notes of strawberry and violet with a sweet finish. Estate-grown Chambourcin grapes.
1$ of every HER Rose purchase is being donated to a cancer charity in Iroquois County, Illinois, the origin of the owners of the PeachBarn Winery. The donation goes directly to families affected by cancer. Breast cancer affected the owners and inspired them to pursue their dream of owning a winery and vineyard.
Alcohol 12.50%


Red Berry Sangria Label

***MUST purchase Tucker Hill Red AND Chambourcin Dessert wines to receive this recipe.*** See combo product for the wines. Your order will be cancelled without purchase of those wines. Recipe will be on a sticker applied to one or both of the bottles.
Add these ingredients to (1) bottle of Hedman's Tucker Hill Red AND (1) bottle of Hedman's Chambourcin Dessert wine, add some fresh or frozen berries, chill, and voilå! Cheers!

Peach Sangria Recipe

***MUST purchase one bottle of Patina White in order to receive this recipe.*** Your order will be cancelled without an order of Patina White wine. Recipe will be on a sticker applied to your bottle of Patina White.
Add these ingredients to our Patina White for our famous Peachbarn Peach Sangria! Add fresh or frozen peaches! Chill & Enjoy!


Fall in a Glass Sangria Recipe

***MUST purchase a bottle of Patina White wine in order to receive this recipe.*** Your order will be cancelled unless Patina White is selected also. Recipe will be on a sticker attached to the bottle of Patina White wine.
Add these ingredients to our Patina White wine, chill and garnish with a cinnamon stick, an apple slice, and even a brown sugar rimmed glass! Happy Fall!

Sangria Trifecta!

Recipes and wines for three of our most popular sangrias! Three of our Barn Juice recipes attached to their wines accordingly just waiting for you to mix, chill, garnish, and cheers! Wines and recipes included are for: Peach, Red Berry, and Fall in a Glass. $5 discount! ***wine club discount does not apply***

Dry Wines

Patina White – Estate Grown Chardonel – Aromas of pear and apple with a crisp, long lasting finish make this wine the perfect sipping wine. 

Traminette – Estate Grown White Wine – Soft floral and citrus aromas combine with a crisp, refreshing finish to create a pleasant wine that is perfect for spicy dishes and flavorful foods.

Dry Rosé – Estate Grown Chambourcin – With juicy strawberry notes and a touch of violet, this refreshing wine is a great match for almost any meal and is the perfect wine to enjoy with friends.

Old School Red– Estate-grown Chambourcin grapes featuring dark berry notes and a peppery finish.

Semi Sweet Wines

Barn White – Estate Grown Chardonel – Savor bright citrus notes and the sweet pineapple finish of this zesty white wine.

 HER Rosé – Estate Grown Chambourcin – This semi-dry rosé has notes of strawberry and red berries and a tart finish.   A tribute to those affected by breast cancer, a cause near and dear to the Peachbarn family.

Sweet Wines

Old School Peach– Estate Grown Dry Peach Wine- A one-of-a-kind DRY peach wine of our orchard greats, contender and red haven peaches. NOTHING but peach in these bottles. *Double Gold Ribbon winner 2021

Peach Fuzz– Estate Grown Sweet Peach Wine- Pure essence of peach in this sweet gem reminiscent of biting into that ripened peach at Grandpa’s house with the juice making it’s way down your chin! *Winner Illinois’ Governor’s Cup 2021

Specialty Wines

Berra’s Berry– Estate Grown Corot Noir and Chambourcin- A tribute to winery dog, Berra, this sweet rosé is an explosion of strawberry and wild berries. Perfect for a girls’ night out!

Concord – Red Wine – A sweet grape flavored wine with a tart finish.  The perfect match for any one of our tasty desserts! 

Glögg– A secret Swedish recipe of red wine and spices. Think mulled wine. Only available when in season but serve it warmed OR chilled!


Peach Sangria – White Wine Sangria – Bright and refreshing, we make this tasty sangria by blending our white wine with the perfect recipe of fresh juices.

Red Berry Sangria – Red Wine Sangria – Made with raspberry and blackberry juice and blended with our red wine, you’re sure to love this berry blend.

Seasonal Sangria – Every fall we serve up an apple cider sangria featuring our white wine, apple cider, and a house made cinnamon syrup! Look for other seasonal flavors throughout the year!

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