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2011 News and Events

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you all for your business during 2011. We'll be closed 12/24-12/25 and New years day, but open New Years Eve until 9.00 PM. Reservations are recommended, we'll have specials on the menu.
Wine dinners are set for January 12, 7.00 PM and February 14-Valentine dinner, more info to come.
Enjoy the holiday! Gerd and Anders

Our first release of bottled Glögg-mulled wine

Dec.14 Great news, I know many customers have been waiting for-new release of Peach table wine this coming weekend! We have a new label, that we are proud of.The Christmas dinner Dec.22 is filling up, and we only have some very few more seats available, if you're interested, you need to make your reservation now!

Now it's time to make your reservations for our Christmas dinners, or your private celebration. Please see our Traditional Swedish Christmas dinners at the CAFE event dinner tab.Thanksgiving weekend we'll release  our Glögg served with gingersnaps. We have received a lot of items to our Scandinavian gift shop, come do your Christmas shopping at Hedman's. Hope to see you over.

Nov.21 We have a problem with our telephone 618 893 4923, and Frontier is working on it. If you need to get in contact with us, please call Anders cell# 618 521 2506.Our regular phone#618 893 4923 is now working

Nov.12. This weekend Lingonberry pie. Vegetarian: falafel with Pita bread and salad.Temperature this weekend pleasantly warm and sunny. The Christmas dinner menu is now entered in event dinners. See you!

Nov.6 New release of Peach Dessert Wine.
We're having a late harvest, this weekend of Chambourcin.We're now excited to be able to make a late harvest Port wine. It will take a couple of years before we can release the PORT-wine, but the numbers on the grapes are excellent!
We held our first wedding yesterday-Garrison Gross and Rani Walker, became husband and wife. It was a very nice ceremony, held by pastor Annette Westermark, from Cobden.
The colors on the tree's are just astounding, and the weather is still pleasant, in Alto Pass.

On request we'll hold a four course wine dinner, Thursday Nov.10 at 7.00 PM. Reservations required. See event dinners for menu. Welcome

Specials this weekend Oct.29-30.

Sole Fillet served with Hollandaise Sauce, Wild Rice or Mashed Potatoes and Creamed Spinach. Wine:Villard Blanc.
Next Saturday Nov.5, we'll close at 3.00 PM, due to a wedding, but will be open regular hours again Sunday.
The weather is still just great, come and enjoy the fall.

Saturday, October 22 , 9.00 AM, Joyce Sheet Halloween Race.
 Start at Hedman Vineyards 13 K to Bald Knob Cross. 4 mile Walk . Clean joke contest. Costumes encouraged. Call 618 351 6581, or email ltsheets@gmail.com. Swedish pancake breakfast will be served with advance order.
Saturday, October 22, 1.00-4.00  Music by Will Maring and Robert Bowlin. Benefit raffle for PAWS(Pets are worth saving)

October 27 at 7.00 PM, We'll hold a four course meal wine dinner. Reservation required. Please see menu at cafe page/ event dinners.

Home winemaker, now excellent quality Chambourcin grapes for sale $ 0.55 / pound

Harvest still in full swing. Yesterday Villard Blanc, today Chambourcin. If you're a home wine maker, we'll have some Chambourcin to sell. Busy times! The weather has cooled down, and it's now pleasant to sit outdoors, and enjoy a glass of wine.
The special this weekend 9/24-25 , is peach wood smoked salmon quiche with sun-dried tomatoes, paired with Villard Blanc wine.
Come try it.

Malin our oldest daughter had a beautiful little girl last night. She is adorable and with a lot of hair, usually you have to wait at least a year before you can get a tiny little pony tail on the Swedish baby girls. Mom and child is doing well, and we're so proud.

Aug.25 The grape harvest has started, we've picked the first Sauvignon Blanc, and will experiment with the wine, since this is our first Sav.Blanc harvest, and it's small.

We didn't get any seedless Concord this year, the raccoons had a big party and eat them all. So it will  not be any grape pie this year, but we'll have peach almond tart this weekend and it's good!

We're changing our opening days, and the winery will now be open Wednesday -Sunday, closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

This weekend SIU students and faculty have 10% off,bringing their SIU ID card.

The weather is pleasant and it's nice days to sit outdoors, and overlook the vineyard. Hope to see you over. Gerd

Peach harvest has started, and we'll start to sell Contender Peach this weekend. Sweet, juicy, sun riped peaches. There also will be a Peach menu special in the weekend, so come indulge with us.

We had a great anniversary, the weather was perfect and music great. We also got $105 to our fundraiser for PAWS( pets are worth rescuing)   This weekend special is Spicy pork tenderloin, served with choice of wild rice or mashed potatoes, peach chutney. The spicy pork pairs nicely with Traminette. Hope to see you in the weekend

Fathers Day celebration. Take Dad out for an excellent meal. Specials this weekend* Open faced gourmet sandwich*Lamb Chops with blue cheese, Hasselbacks potatoes and Ratatouille- Chambourcin.


FESTIVAL! Come celebrate our 6 years anniversary, JUNE 25.
Music: Will Maring.
Specials on the menu, buy a case of wine May 20-June 25 and have a chance to win $50.00 gift certificate at Hedman.
Drawing June 25.

We'll hold a nice Mothers day menu, this weekend. Come celebrate Mom. Chardonel is just released , with a very nice bouquet.
We now have two additional restrooms in the pavilion
 . Unfortunately the art exhibition of Megan Dunnaway, in May has been cancelled. We hope to reschedule the show at a later date.
Hope to see you, soon.

Easter specials-Lamb chops served with Potaoes au gratin, herb sauce, and Asparagus with mint dressing.
Peach wood smoked Salmon Salad with Honey mustard dressing.

Back from Sweden, and visit with family and friends, and the main reason to see my Mom. She is not doing well ,but is stable.
The weather was expected to be snowy, but it wasn't. It was nice spring weather- just like here.
The cafe' is now offering the regular menu again, so come and enjoy the nice weather sip on a glass wine and have a nice lunch or dinner.


Suddenly every thing is blooming-Magnolia, Bradford Pear trees, Weeping Cherry, Peach trees, Forsythia, and in a couple of days the Crab apple trees. Pretty, pretty, pretty.
We'll have a reduced menu Friday- Sunday April 8-10, due to family illness. You can still get Lobster Bisque, Greek Salad, Pecan crusted Chicken Salad, Cheese trays and Desserts.We'll close at 7 PM, this weekend only.
April 6 the winery start to be open Wednesday-Sunday, and May 4 the cafe' will be open Wednesday-Sunday.
Staff: April will be the last month that our Kelsee will work with us, she has been working with us for 5 years. She is then finished with her RN degree, and is moving down to Florida and her husband. So come and say goodbye and good luck to her. Michelle has returned to us, and is now back to the wine tasting.
We'll continue with wine pairing of Chocolate cake and 1 glass of Chambourcin for $10.00.
Pruning is ongoing, and Norton, Concord, Cab.Sav., Sauvignon Blanc, peaches are now finished, a big part of Chambourcin and 1/2 the Traminette is also finished. Then we have to start with pruning of Chardonelle, Chardonnay, Corat Noir and we'll be done in 1 1/2 month.
Rainy days Samuel is bottling, and Anders is working on the 2 new bathrooms, I'm repainting the picnic tables when weather permits. So we're soon ready for the summer's adventure

March 18.Warm weather, sunshine, Daffodils, and Crocuses blooming, and song from the frogs.  Spring is here!

March 1, is approaching. Spring time, with warmer weather and longer days.In March the wine trail theme is Vintage Art, each winery has an artist exhibit their products. Hedman Vineyards artist is Jim Osborn, showing his exquisite photos.
In March we also have dessert/ wine pairing-Raspberry Truffle tart with a glass of Chambourcin for $10.000
Come enjoy.

Happy New 2011,
We had our family over for Christmas. Both daughters, Son in laws, and grandchildren. The house was full, and we had a great time.
Weather wise in Alto: There is snow on the ground, but the roads are fine, and the sun is up melting the snow- as we say in Sweden Dagsmeja.
We'll celebrate Valentine, with a wine dinner Saturday February 12, at 7.00 PM. Reservations required. I have some really nice gifts in the shop, from Sagaform, a Swedish company. Many designed kitchen items, come and check it out.
Report from the wine maker: The Corot Noir, that was planted 6 years ago.- a new hybrid, with vinifera qualities, is now in oak barrel and seems promising to become an excellent red wine.The Chardonel, that was planted 5 years ago, is now in oak barrels and has a buttery finish and vanilla flavor from the French oak treatment. Vidal Blanc is going to be bottled and released, during March.
In March we'll also have a local artist exhibiting his art at the winery-Jim Osborn. More info to come.

2010 News and Events

Holiday opening hours:

Winery-Dec,22-23,29-30 10.00-5.00
          Dec.24-Christmas Eve 10.00-1.00
          Dec.31- New Years Eve 10.00-7.00
          Dec.26 and Jan.2 12.00-5.00

Restaurant-Dec.26 and Jan.2 12.00-5.00
Dec.31 12.00-9.00 Reservations for New Years evening

Happy Holidays, and thank you  for your business 2010
Gerd and Anders

We stilll have some few spaces left for the X-mas dinner, call and make your reservation. Christmas eve open until 1.00PM, NEw Years Eve, we're open to 9.00 PM.
We're having our family over for X-mas, daughters, son in laws and all grand children. What a Christmas!

The traditional Swedish dinner will be held 12/15 at 7.00 PM. Other dates 12/1 and 12/8 cancelled.
Anders is now racking Norton,over to oak barrels, working on the last grapes from this years harvest. The Norton is very dark red this year, and will be in  oak barrels for at least two years. As I told earlier, remember 2010 as a great wine year. 
Upcoming Holiday events, planned:
*Open house-11/26-28. Warm Glögg and Gingersnaps.We'll stock the gift shop with X-mas items.
*Traditional Swedish X-mas dinners Wednesdays December 1,8 and 15, at 7.00 PM. Advanced reservations required.

October 12. The fall colors are astounding, very vibrant, weather is perfect.
Don't miss the Joyce Sheet Halloween race Oct. 23 start 9.00 at Hedman Vineyards, and the clean joke contest.Costumes are encouraged!
contact 618 351 6581 or 618 893 2148. lpsheet@gmail.com for more info

September 26.
Harvest is still going on. Tomorrow we'll harvest the last of Chambourcin, and then it's time for Norton, and the harvest will be over. 2010 has been an outstanding year for quality wine!
Anders has bought more oak barrels, and we are now up to 70 barrels, the new barrel room looks great.
Believe it or not, but the Peach Table wine was released this weekend, and I know many of you have been waiting for it, almost a year. It's here!

Beginning October we'll be closed Mondays and Tuesdays, Anders needs more time for the wine and also construction in the barn.
Visiting our winery , you can meet so many different interesting people. A funny thing happened yesterday-We had Norwegian visitors , two retired guys from Norway that is rowing on Mississippi river, they started in Minnesota, and will end up in Memphis. They have been out for 43 days.There still are adventurists out there.
Weather is very nice and customers are beginning to sit out doors eating, fall is here according to the calendar, but the fall colors are still waiting.
With October approaching, the Color festivals are coming up, with a lot of activities. Union county now have a bus-Smart , that goes from Cobden, and you can travel to the wineries. It cost $10 for west or east side of the wine trail and $15 for both sides.
Come out to see us and enjoy the nice fall!

New release of Traminette and Tucker Hill red. Harvest will soon start, the very hot weather  is making for an excellent wine quality 2010. 

Friday, August 6 we'll change our opening hours for the restaurant .So now you can eat a dinner at our place. Also our very popular specials Beef Tenderloin on cedar plank with Bearnaise sauce will now be on our regular menu.
Wednesday-Thursday and Sunday 12.00-5.00
Fridays- Saturdays 12.00-9.00 PM
Winetasting daily 10.00-5.00

Results and correct answers, from our games at our anniversary are:
Winner of the cork contest is Vince Minniti, from Naperville. He  guessed 133 corks, and that was exactly correct. He will get 2 wine glasses sent to him.
Winners of the quiz walk with 11 correct answers are Mr and Mrs Pyatt, from Pickneyville. They will get a $25 gift certificate at Hedman vineyards.
Correct answers of the quiz walk.
What country is the third larges oil exporter in the world?
2.Saudi Arabia
What kind of birds are building the nests in the barn?
What is the name of Hedman's sweetest red wine?
1.Tucker Hill Red
2.Shawnee Gold
3.Vidal Blanc
What kind of Hummingbirds is most common in this area?
1.White Eared hummingbird
2.Ruby Throated Hummingbird
3.Broad Billed Hummingbird
What is the capital of Sweden?
What city is the 2010 world cup taking place in?
What does the winemaker measure when he take the Brix from the grapes, before harvest?
Where is Sweden located on the European map?
1.Was Switzerland
2..Was Hungary
3.Was Sweden
What is a terroir?
1.A vineyards unique ecosystem?
2.Anders large dog hunting rodents in the vineyard
3.Fear of ordering wine
Hedman vineyards can produce 60 tons of grapes, after thinning out the grapes, how many tons will actually be harvested?
1.46 tons
2.55 tons
3.12 tons
How high is Bald Knob?
1.1,034 feet above sea level
2.10,034 feet above sea level
3.134 feet above sea level
How many wineries are there on Shawnee Hills Wine Trail?
1. 5
2. 12
3. 15
It was a very hot day, and we didn't have any guests participating in the horseshoe tournament. Our staff made up some teams, and the winners where Team Anders and Jonathan.

Congratulation to all winners, and thank you  all others participating.

June 19, we'll celebrate 5 years as a winery! Come join our celebration. *Specials on the menu*1.00-5.00 PM games with prizes- Horseshoe tournament, quiz walk etc.*get 2 free wine glasses, when you buy a case of wine( + discount of course)Release of Villard Blanc.
It's also Fathers day weekend, and we'll have the Fathers day menu available both Saturday and Sunday.

May 25. We have one full time position available, and also need xtra staff. If interested contact Gerd or Anders.
Hummingbirds are here, and the barn swallows  have already got babies in their nests. Last night I saw the first lightning bugs.
The barrel room had the first reservation a week ago. It went well, and everybody was happy.
Hope to see you over Memorial weekend.

April 30, in Sweden, we're celebrating Valborg today- that is, we celebrate the end of the winter and   beginning of spring. Most people are gathering around large bonfires, and sing- Welcome beautiful May. 
Family visit, our oldest daughter Malin and family is here for a visit.Little My, 20 months is full of energy, and so smart!

This weekend we'll release our first Cabernet Sauvignon, the Norton will be released  Mothers Day.

The Restaurant is now open Wednesday - Sunday!

April 17-18. Lobster on the menu! Check out our special menu on the Cafe page.

APRIL.Amazing, how fast everything can start to bloom. We now have 77F/24C degrees weather, and suddenly everything starts to bloom._ peach trees, magnolia all different kinds, red-bud, weeping cherry, Bradford pear trees, Crab apples start to bud. Crocuses, Tulips, Daffodils, Dandelion's, Grape Hyacinths. You mention it, it is blooming. I love this time of the year. There is no other place, that I know of,  that explodes as fast, in the spring as here in Southern Illinois, and it's beautiful.
Purple Martins, Barn Swallows, are here very soon we'll have hummingbirds, humming around. frogs are singing--Life is good!
Come visit spring in Southern Illinois- this is the place to be.

April. The Easter 4 course dinner is CANCELLED, due to ,to few reservations. That means that we'll be open until  7.00PM, Saturday. The Easter menu dinner  will now, be our weekend specials, so you can still get a great Easter meal.

The Barn Swallows are here, Magnolia is blooming, and the frogs are singing- a safe Spring sign.
The weather is expected to be great for Easter-~70F. That would in Sweden be summer temperatures-so enjoy!

Anders and Samuel are still working on pruning and trellis work, out in the vineyard, when the weather permits. Anders is also working with the wines, and has put the Chardonell in French oak. Villard Blanc is still needing some time to be bottled, but we sell it by the glass, for a meal, and it turned out to be a very smooth, fresh dry wine.
We're just waiting for the label approval to release the Cab.Sav.
So good times are waiting.

We're also looking forward to a visit by Malin, our oldest daughter and family. They are arriving in mid April , with little My- our youngest grand child, 1  and 1/2 years old. Fun, for a grandma.
See you, soon.

March is the month when Purple Martins will return to the area, the days gets longer, Canada geese  in V-formations, and spring flowers will peek up from the ground. What a wonderful time, we have in front of us. You can already sit outside sip a glass of wine, during warm and sunny days. March is also the month of Art and Vintage, all wineries will have an artist showing their art. Joeseph Pape is the artist at Hedman, exhibiting colorful oil paintings .

 Friday 12, we will hold a four course Cheese dinner with paired wine.- reservations required for the dinner, and the kitchen will close at 5.00 PM to prepare for the dinner.
The out door work has finally started, one month delayed due to the long and cold winter. Peach trees are pruned and Samuel is now pruning the Traminette vines. Anders is working with the new trellis, for our Sauvignon Blanch-which will be harvest for the first time this year.
The cold winter has also hindered the out door work to finish the barn siding, so we have been working, with indoor construction instead. The new Barrel room will soon be open for production, ageing and also available for reservations to our customers, for birthday parties graduations etc.
We hope to see you soon.

Valentine Dinner this Saturday at 7.00 PM.
Reservations required. Only some few more seats available, so if you are interested, you need to make your reservation now.

We'll will be closed 5.00 PM-7.00 PM Saturday, to prepare for the dinner.
If you can't make it for the dinner Saturday 13, we also will have some nice specials on the menu Sunday 14.

The Winter Wine dinner 1/29 is cancelled, and we will be open regular Friday hours 12.00-7.00. Welcome

2010 News and Events
Happy New Year and thank you for your business 2009.

We've been on vacation, and will open up again this Saturday 16TH.
I now have some nice Valentine heart necklaces, for sale.
We'll have specials every weekend, and will release 2008 Villard Blanc later this spring.
Weather wise it's nice winter temperatures. It's getting lighter, and we're going in the right direction, a couple of months and we'll have spring again!
Bottling is coming up and soon Samuel will be pruning and work with the trellis.
March will be the month of WINE and ART. Joe Pape will display his art, at the winery 3/6 and 7-2010.
Come and see.


12/25-09Merry Christmas

The four Course Wine Dinners for January to May 2010, are now posted on the event cafe page.

We will close at 1.00 PM 12/24-09 and be closed Dec.25 and Jan.1
We also will be closed 01/08-10-01/15-10, open again Saturday 01/16-10 .
We hope to see you in 2010, and will hold 4 course meals with paired wine 01/29-10,Valentine dinner 02/13, 03/12, Easter dinner 04/03, Mothers day dinner 05/07. More info on the dinners will be posted.

2009 News and Events

12/12-09 Our Christmas dinners has begun,and we all have a good time. We have had cold weather with sunshine.Nice!
We now carry more Glogg spices for the mulled wine, for sale, as well as Christmas gifts in the shop.

Anders just recently returned from his trip to Sweden to meet family and friends.He was over there for a week, and really enjoyed the visit.

We have some new opportunities for the case club members. You will get a letter in the mail.with more detailed info. If you don't get one, please contact us, since we lost some membership info, when our computer crashed, earlier this year. I will be more active and send monthly info about the crop, wine, what happens at the farm, new wine releases , when we are getting low on some wine etc.
You will also get a pewter bottle stopper Christmas gift, when you buy a case of wine in December.

11/06-09 For the first time release of Peach dessert wine. A wine made with our sun ripe peaches, with flavors of vanilla, cinnamon and rum, perfect for the holiday.
On request, we have added more days to our Christmas dinners.
Thursdays 7.00PM for larger groups. Fridays -Sundays regular hours. All with advance reservations.Check dates further down the text.

11/1-09 All harvest has been over for avail, except late harvest Vidal blanch. That makes our award winning dessert wine.

We let the grapes hang long to get Botrytis Cinerea on the grapes, also known as "Nobel Rot", which causes the grape to shrivel, concentrating and intensifying both the sugar and flavor. In addition, the acid level remains high, which prevents the wine from being to sweet.

That means that you need to leave the grapes on the vine until late fall, risking loss of the whole crop. Well we were supposed to harvest the late grapes in the weekend, but there was not one single grape left. Deer, or raccoons must have had a really sweet and nice dessert. 

We still have plenty of last years wine left, but it will not be any made this year.So if you haven't tried Late Harvest Vidal Blanc, you still have the change to test the 2005 vintage, and we will be sold out, since there wont be any 2009 vintage.

Planning for Christmas? Don't forget to celebrate with us in December. Thursday 12/3,10 and 13 at 7.00 PM, we'll serve traditional Swedish Christmas dinner, for larger groups. On request now also Friday-Sunday same weeks regular opening hours . Advance reservations required. Check the menu at the events for December page.

Halloween Race. October 24, at 9.00 am. Start at Hedman Vineyards and run or walk to the cross. Breakfast included, and you are welcome to dress out. This year we expect 50 runners.

I'm back from Sweden. I went to celebrate Mom turning 80, and see family.Anders had to stay at the winery, since it's his busiest time of the year. Harvest is still going on as well as wine making.
We have released our first Rose' wine, 1% sugar, with flavors of strawberry. Come and try it, I think you really will like it.

09/20-09. A sad day, our dog and companion for the last 15 years-Gubben- passed away today. He passed away in the sleep, and we buried him under the Redbud tree, his favorite place. He was a very gentle and lovable dog, and we'll miss him a lot.

Believe it or not, We are now releasing the PEACH Wine, several of you have been on a waiting list for over one year. Come celebrate.

August 28.
Hi again. We had a severe thunderstorm, that destroyed our computers and now with a new  one, we're up and running with info again.
We have been busy, many guests coming for wine sampling and the restaurant is cooking.
Harvest is in full swing, Traminette  harvest is done, peach crop is over and Chardonelle is picked today. Our sun flowers are in full bloom. The weather is expected to be very pleasant over the weekend, so come over and visit us.
The local orchards are now harvesting apples.
Late summer, and fall is a very nice time of the year to visit the area, and it's a lot of festivals and other activities, during this time. We at Shawnee Hill wine trail, will feature our Labor day festival 9/5-9/6 in Cobden, with great music, food and wine from all 12 wineries.

On the family front, our newest granddaughter MY, just turned 1 years old, and is now running around.Alva and Bror, now 4 1/2 years old is getting so big, and I'm going over to Sweden to visit in end of September, Anders need to stay, due to harvest and wine making time.I'm also going to celebrate Mom's 80 years birthday.

Hope to see you over at the winery.

June 20TH

Come celebrate our 4TH anniversary June 20Th.

Music by the Natives 12.00-4.00
Good food, music and wine.

The first hummingbirds has arrived! It's time to sit outdoors in the pavilion, and enjoy Southern Illinois spring. The temperature is going to rise to 80's in mid next week. Come over!
Don't forget,the cafe' will be open Wednesday-Sunday, with start in May. For Mothers Day we'll have specials Friday-Sunday, to celebrate Mom.

Spring is here- the swallows are back!
Peach trees are blooming-everything is blooming, the frogs are singing. Life is good.
Anders has started to renovate the barn siding, and our planned three years project is started.We'll fix the second level in the barn.
We'll get family visiting in end of April- Malin with family is coming to visit a couple of weeks, with My, the new grand child!!!!!!!!

The March 20 event dinner has been cancelled. We'll have specials on the menu, instead at regular time.

We have Magnolias, Forsythia, Daffodils, Crocuses blooming. Redbud trees and Bradford Pear trees are blooming very soon, and it smells spring!

Sunny and nice, with cold nights-perfect for the fruit. Anders and Gerd are working on a very nice Peach dessert wine, with undertones of vanilla, and cinnamon, that will be released in the spring. Unfortunately, we'll not be able to release our regular Peachbarn Peach wine this year, due to problems with the fruit.
March is Wine and Art month, at all wineries. We'll have eight silk screen pieces of the Swedish artist, Heidi Lange. She's not able to attend herself.
March 20, we'll hold a Spring menu dinner. Four course meal with paired wine. You can check the menu at our cafe page.
In the end of March, we're expecting to have the Purple Martins back. A true spring sign.
Hope to see you over soon.

This weekend Valentine celebrations. The Valentine dinner is fully booked, but we will have specials during the days.


Back from Sweden, full menu again.

January 2009
Happy New Year
, and thank you for the business during 2008.
We'll hold a four course meal with paired wine January 16, 7.00 PM. Check the menu at the cafe special event dinners. This year Valentines day is on a Saturday, so our Valentines dinner will be at February 14, 7.00 PM. All special dinners with reservations only.
We'll be open January 23-25, when we're going to Sweden. Stu will sell wine, and we'll have a limited menu, with soup, cheese tray and desserts only that weekend. Samuel will still be working in the vineyard, repairing trellis that was blown down by hard winds from Ike.

2008 News and Events
October - December.
unfortunately, we lost my previous info for those months, so let me in short inform about this end of the year.
New release of Vidal Blanc, Late Harvest Vidal, and the three years old Norton. Norton's label with the coat of arms, from Anders birth area.
We have held Four course meals with paired wine, and during X-mas Traditional Swedish X-mas dinners.
We have some cool gifts in the gift shop, such as copies of old antique cork screws in a nice box, Bengt Elde cards, Finnish handmade knifes, Danish iron chandeliers etc. Västerbotten cheese, if you are a cheese lover, this is a gourmet cheese, from northern Sweden. You can't miss this opportunity!
The weather has been mild and sunny. Now we're happy that the Solstice has passed, and the days are getting longer.
The latest news, is that I finally have got my Smart car! Metallic blue, with red interior, 41 MPG, and fun to drive. It's size is big, as half a car.

2008 NEWS

092308. Back from Sweden, and a visit to family and friends. Little My is so cute and good baby, and the 3 1/2 years old twins, are getting so big. Malin the new mom is doing great.We had long walks in the pretty fall weather, and even picked some Carl Johan mushrooms!
During my absence, Anders and mid West had a bad wind and storm from hurricane Ivan. The flag pole, and pine trees blow down, but the worse was that 16 rows of Chambourcin trellis blowed down. So the picking had to start early.
Now it's a busy time, with wine making and harvesting overall. We'll make a Rose' this year and Concord wine.
We have added a new dish to the menu- Salmon on cedar plank, with mashed potatoes and Sauce Bearnaise, served with Villard Blanc. Very Jummy and popular! Come and try it.082208. We have got a new member to the family. Malin and Mats had a little girl, the 081308. They named her MY. I'll go over to see them, in mid September. Anders can't come with me, since it's in the middle of harvest and wine making. Hopefully we'll get a visit in X-mas.Anders has started to make Peach wine, and Traminette will be next on line for harvest. Here it starts again! Raccoons are munching a little too much on the Corat Noir. This will be our first harvest of them( if they leave some for us)The weather is just NICE. cold nights and pleasant days, you can't believe it's August. Next weekend it's the big Shawnee Hill Wine Trail wine festival. Come and visit-have some fun!080208. The first day of Peach Harvest- Sweet, lovely tasting Contender Peaches, are now starting to get ready to pick. We have some few this weekend. Next week, we'll also start to pick seedless Concord grapes. That will of course lead to having Grape pie on the menu.
071908. The summer is here, it's starting to warm up-but it's always a nice breeze in the pavilion. The Sunflowers are now starting to bloom, and we'll soon  will have the yellow finches visit.
The winery and Cafe is keeping busy, and we get many visitors from Central Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky and Tennessee.
Since we didn't have any peach crop last year, we're now sold out of Peach wine. This years crop looks very promising though, and we have Peach Almond Tart, served with Vanilla sauce on the cafe' menu.
Rendelman and Flamm Orchards in the area have nice peaches to sell, and ours are coming in, in August.
The new planted Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay grape vines is really taking off!!!!!!
We're very excited about our new becoming grand child. Malin and Mats will have a little baby girl August 1. Our other grandchildren have now learned to bicycle, and I wish I was there to cheer them on.
But with the new technology, we'll now be able to talk and see them at the same time, with our new web camera, and it's free!

052908.It has been rainy, and windy and seasonal cold, but now it's very pleasant. You can sit outdoors even in the evening, without  any humidity, and with a nice warm temperature, indulge the scent of Honeysuckle in the air. The lightning bugs are starting to flicker in the grass, and irises and roses are blooming. The Barn Swallows have their first baby batch.
The fruit looks good, and if it keep on going like now, we'll have a very nice crop this year.
The Restaurant has been really busy, and we recommend you to make a reservation.
The wines from last year are very promising, and we expect we'll have an excellent quality of the 2007 wine-many still in barrels and tanks.
 We're excited about our first Late Harvest Vidal Blanc that will be released later in the season.
We still have got a few more spaces, for the June 13, Fathers Day dinner- check out the event dinners at the cafe page.
Hope to see you over soon. Gerd

050308. Hummingbirds and the Purple Martins are here in plenty. Customers are starting to sit out doors in the pavilion, to eat and drink. The weather is wonderful!

We're bottling Villard Blanc. It's a time consuming task, which is going on most of the year. All vines, and peach trees are pruned and sprayed-everything looks good out in the vineyard and orchard.

Next Friday 050908, we're holding our Mothers Day Menu Dinner with paired wine. We're starting to fill up, but still have a few more seats available-so make a reservation, to celebrate MOM.
We're celebrating Fathers Day with a four course meal with paired wine, 061308- we're starting to fill up there too.

Don't forget the big Festival 052408-052508 at Murphysboro River Park. Shawnee Hill Wine Trail, together with Friends of M'boro, celebrates Memorial weekend with wine, food, Arts and Crafts, music- two bands each day, and a ball game. That's Memorial Day celebration at it's best.
Friends of M'boro are working on getting money in to preserve the Park. If you haven't seen it, it's well worth a visit-very beautiful. Several local businesses are supporting. You can check their web page -www.friendsofmurphysboro.comWe have new summer opening hours, and the cafe'' is now open Wednesday-Sunday. Friday and Saturday 10.00-7.00. So now you can have your dinner with us. I would recommend a reservation. Check out our opening hours on the web page.

June 21 will be our third anniversary as winery. Natives are going to play. great music, wine and food, and a lot of fun. Please come celebrate with us!

Hope to see you soon.040508. The Peach trees are starting to bloom. They will probably be in it's peak, mid to end next week. Come and see! The area is beautiful when the hillsides are covered in pink blossoms.

032208.Spring is here, I have seen blooming Redbud  and Magnolia trees, Daffodils and Crocuses are blooming as well. The first Barn Swallows are here!

 There are busy times in the Vineyard, since we have had so severe winter, all work has been delayed. Pruning, fertilizing planting etc. etc. The pruning of the peach trees are finished, but we still have plenty of grape vines to prune, and they are starting to bleed, so we are in a hurry. That's Spring for you! Tuesday we're planting 455 Cabernet Sauvignon, 400 Savignon Blanc, and 95 Chardonnay. This is the first Vitis Vinifera, we're planting.We held our Easter Dinner yesterday, with Lamb Chops, Hasselback's Potatoes, Herb Sauce, and Asparagus, together with Chambourcin wine. Yummy!We also have good news, we are going to become grand parents again. This time it's Malin and Mats, our oldest daughter, that is expecting in August.

Music is now set for our Anniversary Festival/Midsommar Festival June 21. The Natives are playing.

02/16/08 We have had an ice storm, being out of power for 3 1/2 days. Every thing covered by ice, so we had to cancel our Valentine dinner, but will hold the same dinner next Friday the 22th, at 7.00 PM. So if you were not able to come 2/15-08, you have the chance to make a reservation for this dinner instead.With the sun shining on the tree's, it was like being in a Cristal landscape-Beautiful, but dangerous. Now most roads are fine again, and we are open for business again.When I was in Sweden I brought with my new items for the gift shop, come and check it out.We hope to see you soon.Gerd

February 2008 I'm back from my three day visit to Sweden, hectic but well worth it.Visited our daughters, grandchildren, sister and Mom. The main reason was to see mom, she has moved into a group living, Danvikshem- she has a great view from her living room. She can see all ships and vessels going into Stockholm.-Beautiful!We are working on a change of our web page, it's almost done.We have now planned for Valentine Dinner Feb.15, it's almost full. Changed to Feb.22Leap Day wine dinner Feb.29, March madness dinner March 14, and Easter dinner March.21. All at 7.00 PM, and reservations required for those four course menu dinners with paired wine. See the Cafe' page. January 2008We have had winter-cold weather. Tonight the sky is fantastic, filled with beautiful star constellations, so it probably will be a cold night. We have had sunshine during the days, and Sunday morning everything was covered with frost, wonderful. Many people was out with their cameras to catch the moment.I'm leaving for Sweden this Saturday, to visit my mom, who doesn't do to good. Anders will stay and take care of the food and wine, so you can still get a good meal.We are planning for our different dinners, and will hold a Leap Day Menu dinner, Feb.29th, 7.00 We have lost the whole e-mail address list, due to computer problems. If you want us to send you info. about our events etc., please e-mail us and we'll add you to our new e-mail list.See you, GerdNovember and December

Happy Holidays to all our customers, and friends. Thank you for this year and hope for a Happy New Year. It's December, and we really enjoyed our family, for Thanks Giving of course.The Grand Children helped me to decorate the X-mas tree. Bror put all ornaments on one branch, so that's how the tree looks wonderful!They also helped me to decorate the ginger bread house, we baked. I sell kits in the store, so have fun with your kids or grand children and make a ginger bread house.So nice to have our daughters in the house. I just wish we had more time over, to sit and talk and do more things together, but times goes so fast. We'll go over to Sweden again in February, to met again.Winter is here, but we have had only one day of snow, and during Christmas, it was "Spring Weather". We took a long walk, and sat out doors having our lunch. Enjoying the warm sun!We were holding our, Traditional Swedish Christmas Dinners, during December. Now we're planning for two, Four Course Menu Dinners, with Paired Wine in January. Please check the Cafe' page out for more info.On the wine front:the wine from 2007 are now in all tanks and barrels. Anders is checking, and waiting for it to mature, before he can start to work with it again. Patience!You can now also buy some of our wines at Westroads Liquor Shop in Carbondale, and at Lake Side Liquor Shop in Carterville. Palace Pizzeria in Cobden is carrying all our, and most wine trail wines. They often have great music as well. Well worth a visit!We have ordered Cabarnet Sauvignon, and Sauvignon Blanc vines to plant in the spring. Exciting!Hope to see you in January,

Gerd and Anders


2007 NEWS

You're kidding it's September already, sorry I haven't written any update for the whole summer. Well the summer was VERY hot, with NO rain. The quality of the grapes are superb, 2007 will be a great wine year.

We are in full swing with harvest, and wine making. We're making more wine this year (well we actually, are increasing the production every year, and "knock on wood" selling out, at the winery). First year 1,500 gallons, this third year 4,000 gallons, so we will be looking for a wine distributor.

We have a new family member "Berra", a wonderful winery dog. He loves people. He was dumped dog, living in the neighbor trash bin, you could see every bone in his body. However, with the diet of left over meatballs from the kitchen, he is healthy and round.

The Humming birds are still in plenty, with all their babies growing up, and the American Golden Finches are munching in the sunflowers, but the shallows have left for the season. You can now hear the three frogs and cicadas, in the evening. Late summer is here. The temperature has dropped and it's now pleasant to sit out side in the pavilion.

Last weekend, we had the yearly Shawnee Hill Wine festival, at Alto Winery. It was very popular, perfect weather, food, and wine from all wineries in the wine trail, and good music.

We are going to have very nice music at the October festival, Oct.13-14.
Oct.13 the Blues Bandits. If you like, blues- this is for you
Oct.14 The Natives- 70's, rock and blues. Great music.

We're going to have family coming over from Sweden for Thanksgiving;
Malin and Lena- our girls, and our grand children Alva and Bror, now 2.5 years old. Is that a Thanksgiving or What????

We hope to see you down at our place. The opening hour for the winery is still 7 days /week, but we had to change our opening hours for the restaurant. Now the Cafe' is open Sat.-Sun. only, for drop ins.
But we take reservations for groups of 10 or more. If you want to celebrate a birthday or other come together events, Wed.-Sun. after hours, with advanced reservation, we'll open up the restaurant for you.

Welcome Gerd and Anders

The peach crop in Southern Illinois was destroyed, by the freeze. So no peaches, this year. We didn't have any large damage of our grape vines, and the Chambourcin looks great.

We had music in May, Shaina Strings, and a friend played violin and cello. It was a beatiful day, and many people were sitting out doors, in the gazebo.

The Humming birds are humming, swallows are getting their first batch of babies, and fire flies are flickering in the grass. The weather has been just beautiful, but it's getting a little on the dry side, so we need some gentle rain.

The fathers day dinner is cancelled, we are just to busy this year.
We are still bottling wine and filtering others. With one staff short, we just haven't got time. We are looking for a chef, with experience of Swedish cooking, to hire.

Wine Festival !! We are celebrating our second year as a winery June 23, with music by the Natives.


April, is coming to an end.

We had a freeze, down to 19 F, in the area for 3-4 days, and all peach crop in Southern Illinois is gone for this year. Some Vineyards had problem with their grape wines, but we had only minor problem with the grape wines, since they hadn't come as far.

The new Chardonel is planted. And Anders is now bottling the Chardonel, which should be aged in the bottle, a couple of month before the release of the year.

This weekend it's a big event for bikers. It's the Blessing of the Bike, at the Bald Knob Cross. Last year it was 7,000 motorcycles, coming for the event.

Mothers Day 5/12, we will have a special dinner, for Moms. May 13 Carlos Alberto will play in the Gazebo.

What a warm and beautiful March!!!!!!
First the bloom of Magnolia trees, followed by, Bradford Pear trees, Redbud's, Forsythia, Crab apple, Peach/Nectarines and now all Apple trees in the area. We have started to see some scoot swallows, but they are not here yet.

All vines and peach trees are now pruned, they have started to bud very early, and are` 2-3 weeks too early. And now it calls for really cold weather, and we're worried about the coming frost this week. They predict down to 20 F. If that's happening, it probably will kill the peach and grape crop for this year.

Easter we'll served Lamb Chops with Herb Sauce.
Don't forget our Crawfish Menu Dinner, with paired wine, April 28, 6 PM.
Reservations required.

Happy Easter

I'm back again. I went to Sweden again, for my dad's funeral, and to be with mom for awhile. It was still winter, but here in Southern Illinois, it feels more like spring. Today's temperature ~ 70 F/20 C, sunshine, the daffodils are blooming, and the Spring frogs are singing.

Samuel is finish pruning the peach trees, and is now pruning grape vines. We will soon plant new, grafted Chardonel vines. Anders pulled out the old ones, due to that they had a virus, and looked very bad.
Trellis work and spray schedules are now starting, all to prepare for a good harvest in the fall.

Anders has taken up his hammer again, and is building a summer kitchen, two bathrooms, and a tasting counter out in the gazebo. We'll still have room for many of our tables out there.

Spring Menu Dinner will be held March 31, a four course meal with paired wine. Make a reservation to be sure to get a table, for the dinner.
See you--Gerd

January 2007
We are now back from our trip over to Europe.
First we visited family and friends. We were baby sitting, our Grand children, Alva and Bror. They are now talking and are very fun. We were playing indoors and outdoors in the snow, which was very deep. They grow so fast!

We spent quite a lot of time with my parents, who both were hospitalized, and my father passed away when we visited. I'm glad I was able to talk and be with him, before he passed.

We also took a tour down to Germany and France, Alsace. Anders was meeting with wine makers down there, and was discussing wine making. Very interesting, and informative. In Alsace they grow grapes, on every square inch. It's so beautiful, with all old small towns, and people are very friendly.

Now back to Southern Illinois, the winter is here too. Sun is shining today, and we have snow covered ground, with a temperature of 20 F, it's wonderful. We are working and planning for the upcoming Valentine Dinners Feb.10 and 17th. We'll also be open for reservations the 14th.

The weekend of March 3 and 4, Shawnee Hill Wine Trail will have Art Vintage. All wineries are going to have different artists on site, showing their art. Our artist is Dan Johnson, a local artist. He will have some sculptures outdoors and some other items indoors. Welcome!

Soon the preparation for the Spring work, will start- Spring will be back this year too.
See you soon.


2006 NEWS

It is time to make your Christmas Dinner reservations.

Traditional Swedish Christmas Dinner-
December 1-23, after 5:00 pm Wed.-Sun.

1. Glögg and Ginger Snaps
2. Traditional pickled Herring, and in Mustard Sauce, Janssons Temptation,    Deviled Egg, with Creamed Roe, served with Crisp Bread and aged Präst Ost

3. Christmas Ham, Swedish Meatballs, Potato Sausage and Red-Beet Salad

4. Choice of Spicy Pork Tenderloin or Baked Cod

5. Rice Pudding

Together we will sing Swedish Christmas songs, in Swedish and English.

Prepare a rime for the rice pudding ( only for fun-one or two lines, and only for your company.)  The one that gets the almond in the rice pudding can get a wish come true!  $39.50 + tax and 20% gratuity

The gift shop has many really nice Scandinavian gifts. Come and check it out.

New Year - we will be open till 9.00 pm, with reservations.

GOD JUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gerd and Anders

All harvest is done, grapes are crushed,and fermented and are now in oak barrels and steel tanks.The numbers were very good this year, and we look forward to a good vintage year 2006.

We had good music during the Color festival, with Blues Brothers playing, and Country Classics. The weather is getting a little nippier. Fall is here and the air is fresh and the trees are colorfull. The Orchards around is now offering excellent apples.

We have got some new business in Alto Pass. On the board walk , there are two antique shops, one with items from 50's and 60's, and a store that sells rugs and other local arts items.

Our event dinner in Oct. was sold out, and we are on request holding the same dinner Nov .4. If you are interested you need to make reservations now, it's starting to fill up. See the event list for our other planned dinners, this year
Gift shop: We are getting in very nice gift items, imported from Scandinavia, several times per week. So if you are looking for a different kind of gift, come in and check us out.

Zula our 11 month old puppy is now 100 lbs, and very playful, and cuddly.

already, where did August go? We have been busy. We held our Grape menu dinner, which was a great success. A four course meal with paired wine.

Course 1 Green Salad with grapes, gorgonzola cheese and honey glazed pecan nuts.
Course 2 Scampi Shrimps served with a Spicy Grape Salsa.
Course 3 Catalan Chicken with grapes and walnuts, served with a wine sauce, and Rice with pine nuts and raisins.
Course 4 Grape tart with Vanilla Sauce.

We released our Late Harvest Vidal Blanc to the dessert, it's not bottled and for sell yet, so it was a special pre tasting.

The four course meal this month, September 23 will be Apple Menu Dinner, and of course with paired wine. Reservations required.

Shawnee Hill Wine Trail Festival, was held at Alto Vineyards, this weekend. All eight wineries at one place, for two days with great music and food-and wine of course.The weather was perfect.

The harvest is in full swing, and Anders are processing the grapes to wine. This year we will increase the production to about 6,000 gallons - 30,000 bottles. We still have no distributors, and are selling all wine at the winery, and restaurant. But we will start to look for help to distribute outside the winery. We have many customers, who ask were to get our wine. We do ship in Illinois and some other stats.

Anders and I went to Springfield, to receive the prize for Traminette, in Illinois State Fair Professional Competition. Governors Cup, which is a prestigious prize, where we also met with the Governor .

We felt like we had a vacation for a day, which doesn't happen too often. Driving with the top down on my convertible,with the sun shining, and a perfect temperature.That's all you need to "charge your batteries."

We had family visitors from Kansas City and St. Louise, which was very nice.We really appreciated the visit, even though it was short.

We will have a lot of music during September.
9/16 Poontwang - Country
9/17 Carlos Albert - Spanish Guitar
9/30 Tim Maring - Acoustic Classic Rock.
September is a busy month, with a lot of activities in the area.

Welcome, Gerd

July --
July has been hot, which is good for the grapes. We have started to harvest seedless Concord grapes. The grapes are sold as table grapes, and we serve grape pie with vanilla sauce in the cafe'. The Concord is also used as a blender in Tucker Hill Red, together with Chambourcin grapes.

Since the peaches were hurt by the hail, we are now making much more peach wine, than the year before. We also sell peach wine by the bulk to other wineries.

We held our Peach Menu dinner, a four course dinner with paired wine, that was very popular, we had 50 guests, which of many already signed up for the Grape Menu Dinner on August 26.

In August we also will have Carlos playing in the gazebo, Aug.19.
Come and listen, it's excellent guitar music.June We held a wine festival, June 24, celebrating one year as a winery. Carlos Alberto och Rio Corrientes was playing, very good music with Latin feeling- playing Spanish guitar. The weather was just perfect, and everyone enjoyed themselves.

It has been an exciting year, and Anders wines have been very popular. This week he took several awards for his wines, in 2006 Illinois State Fair Commercial Wine Competition. Traminette took Governors Cup White medal; Chardonel got gold, Chambourcin silver and Vidal Blanc bronze.The peaches is in, but we haven't currently any for sale, except for as peach cobblers and peach wine, due to a severe hail storm destroyed most of our peach crop this year. We may have some later in the season, and we can use the hail damaged crop for peach wine. We are known to sell perfect peaches, and don't want to sell dented fruit.The cafe' is getting busier and busier. Examples on our menu are:
Cheese trays, Pecan Crusted Chicken Breast Salad with Feta Cheese and Red Onion. Swedish Meatballs with Lingo berries, green beans, wedged potatoes and gravy. Salmon Spinach Quiche, Spinach- Tomato Quiche with Pine nuts, Beef Tenderloin served with Sauce Béarnaise, Rosemary-Garlic Zucchini-Squash and roasted Red Onion, Chicken Mozzarella Roulades served with Fresh Tomato Sauce and Caesar salad, Fish au Gratin, Wiener schnitzel with Sweet-sour Red Cabbage and Caraway Potatoes. See you over here.

It has stopped raining and it's warm and nice. Lightning bugs are flashing , they look like smalls stars in the grass. The tree frogs are starting to chirp, and the barn swallows are having their first batch of babies.

We had music in the Gazebo in May, and we are planning to have music out there every month-see our event list. I'm working on contacts with different musicians.
The Shawnee Wine Trail Festival was held in end of May.
We are going to celebrate our one year anniversary on June 24, with a fun festival- music, food and lots of wine. Come join us.

In the vineyard--We are working on thinning and removing suckers from the trunks, to get as much energy to the grapes as possible. The peach trees are also thinned, to produce big juicy fruit.

We are landscaping outside the winery and the gazebo, to get more of a court yard feeling. We are also arranging more parking space. Busy bees!

Grand children : Bror are now running, and Alva is coming in a good second in their races.

Pruning is finished. Samuel is building trellis for our NY70 grape wines that we planted last year. Unfortunately, the deer have been munching on the new growth, which of course we are not very happy about.The 2004 Traminette is now bottled, so we are able to sell it by the bottle. Traminette has been very popular, sold by the glass, and many customers have been waiting for its release. Jasmine and spirea are now blooming and attracting many birds and butterflies.April has been wet, with very heavy rainfall. Our gravel from the parking lot was flushed down to the pond and Anders is working on building a courtyard, for out door seating, and for erosion control .We celebrated Valborg with music by the Roundup-Gals. On May 13th, we are going to have acoustic guitar music by Marty McMorrow. He is very good.Please come and join us.

Spring is here, peach blossom is in it's peak. The weather is warming up and birds are returning, life is good!

We have released our new Chardonel, and have barrel samples of the 2004 Traminette, which is turning out, very nice. We are still waiting on labels, before we can sell the Traminette by the bottle- but you are welcome to buy, by the glass.

We are going to celebrate Spring April 29, when we will celebrate Valborg. This is an old Swedish tradition, when we are having a big bonfire, burning out all of the winter, ( if weather permits) There will be music by the Roundup-Gals food and of course wine.


We went home to Sweden, to visit family and friends, it was a good visit. We stayed at Lena and Christer, and celebrated our grandchildren, Alva and Bror who turned one year old.They also started to walk when we were there!!!!!!!!!.

We visited a trade show, together with Malin, where we bought a very cool, wine glass chandeliers, that now hangs in the winery.
OOH, all the good food we ate, and got inspired for new dishes at the cafe'. Now on the menu: Wild Salmon served on a bed of creamy spinach, Hollandaise sauce and wedge potatoes.

We also went to Smaland, the southern part of Sweden , where Anders comes from. In Smaland we visited his sister and my niece Marie, and we visited the glass blowing factories Kosta Boda, where we went shopping to stock our gift store.

Back on the farm, Samuel is pruning peach trees, Anders grapevines, and it start to be springy outside, with spring irises blooming.
We have ordered 2 acres of grafted Chardonel to plant next year, and as usually, we orded them from Grafted Grapevines in New York/ they have excellent quality vines.

We have had a very mild winter, so far this year. It has felt more like spring than winter. BUT, you never know, it can change and be cold again, but it will not stay for long, that's the nice difference between Southern Illinois and Sweden- where they just had a snow storm, and cold weather, and the winter WILL last to, at least beginning April. But we're going there anyway in February, to celebrate our Grand Children's 1's birthday .We're also going to look for Gifts to the Scandinavian gift shop and get inspired from all the good food that is available in Sweden.

We have a new dog in the house, Zula. She is growing and we went to the vet. today, she is now 19 #, and 10 weeks old, she is part Lab., part South African Mastiff- very good minded, but full of energy.We just started puppy school, which is good for all of us.
It's really fun with puppies, but it's like having a baby in the house again, and Gubben our old dog is so good with her.

We have sold out of the Villard Blanc, and re-released Peach wine. The last release of the 2004 harvest, will be in end of March -Traminette-which is a semi-dry German style, white wine, with a gentle floral aroma.

2005 News
Thank you, all customers for this year business.
It has been an exiting and interesting adventure.

We opened the winery in end June, and had our Grand Opening in end Oct., with perfect weather and a lot of visitors, good food and music.

This year fruit was excellent, and we expect next years wine to be superb. The Scandinavian Gift shop has also taken off, and we're excited about that too. The Bed and Breakfast has been busy, and we have met nice, and interesting people, from a lot of different places.

Now in December, we have had Swedish Christmas dinners, and we have been very busy, with all those reservations.
We got the great honors to be awarded BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT OF THE YEAR, for Union County Chambers of Commerce now in December, and we are very happy, about that.

We also become Grand Parents to Alva and Bror. We were back to Sweden in February and Gerd went back in October again.

We will take reservations for Winter dinners in January and February, and we'll of course also have our regular menu going on, were you don't need reservations- just drop in and we'll take care of you.

Happy Holidays, and we hope to see you 2006 again.
Gerd and Anders

A busy month, I came back from Sweden from visiting children, grand children, and family. Malin our oldest daughter and I went mushroom hunting, we only got a few chanterelles mushrooms, but it was nice to be together in the woods. (Swedes really enjoys being out doors together)
I stayed at Lena and Christer's house, since Lena needed help to take care of the "babies"-they were 8 months and needed a lot of attention, I loved it. Bror the boy, will become a great swimmer, he is a fast crawler, and he is always smiling, Alva is starting to stand by herself, and is a very charming young girl, smiling and giggling.

At the farm: I didn't realize that I left in one of the busiest times of the year, Anders and our excellent work staff was very busy.
The gift shop has been restocked, and I brought a lot of gifts from Sweden. You can find great and different gifts as well as ornaments for Christmas in our gift shop.

Thanksgiving is a big celebration with open house in the whole of Alto Pass- come visit.

In December we are taking reservations for traditional Swedish Christmas dinners, and we're going to hold a Lucia celebration the December 11, 2005.


The Grand Opening was a success, wonderful weather, sunshine, no wind, good music,food and wine, and a lot of people showing up.So now we are officially open.

October has been hectic, with wine making and racking.
We were a little nervous for a moment, our labels to Vidal Blanc and Villard Blanc didn't arrive until Friday before the Grand Opening, when those two wines was going to be released.So it was labeling the whole Friday and evening, but it was in place in time Saturday.

The wines was a success,and we sold a whole lot of them.
The last wine from last summer to be released is the Traminette, we probably need to wait a couple of more month, before we'll release it.

I'm going to Sweden this coming Saturday 10/29, to meet our children and grand children. Anders are staying at the farm, it's to much to do with the wines for the moment, for him to go, so I'll take lots of pictures.

Don't forget that November can still be a nice month in our neighborhood, the fall colors are here now and the apples are wonderful, at the local orchards.

We are also offering Christmas parties for companies and private parties, serving Swedish traditional Christmas food.

September- Harvests of Grapes, crushing, maceration, pressing, racking, and ageing = wine that will be released 2006. The numbers of the grapes from 2005 is excellent, and we expect it to be superb wine.

Our Grand Opening will be held Oct.22.10.00-6.00. Music, food and wine.August- We have been very busy during August. We're now picking grapes and the wine making for this year has started. This year seems to be an excellent wine year, with good quality due to the very dry and hot weather we have had. The peach season is over, they were big and juicy, very good quality this year. The Shawnee Hill Wine Trail Festival was held this weekend, it was a lot of fun. Gift shop; we have order a lot of items for the gift shop, and are just waiting for the delivery.Grandma's report:
Alva soon 7 month, has got a tooth, so grandma is going back for a week, the first of November, to look at the tooth. Both Alva and Bror are starting to crawl, and they are now sitting. The air is now clear and stars are very bright in the evening. The late summer sounds are present in the evenings. This is a wonderful time of the year.

The winery and the cafe' are open and in full swing. A very popular standard dish, at the cafe' is swedish meatballs with lingon berries, wedge potatoes gravy, and green beans. We have our standard dishes, but are changing our menu slightly every week , to give a variety of swedish / european cuisine.

The peaches are here - this is a great fruit year quality wise, we will not have all varieties due to the cold winter, but the ones we have are excellent, and Anders has started to make peach wine for next years release.

Some of the grapes have starting to turn in color, and we have still not had any problems with birds or racoons eating them up, "knock on wood"- the deers are nibbling a little -and that's ok.
The weather has been hot, but we usually have a nice little breese on our gazeboo.

We have started, together with the other members of the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail, to plan for the big wine festival - labor weekend. It will be fun!

WE ARE FINALLY OPEN. The winery opening the 25th of June was busy and fun. A lot of people came, for our petite opening - the grand opening will be in the fall, when the Chambourcin is ready to be released --it's still ageing in the oak barrels.

The Peach barn Cafe' is also open, serving Swedish meatballs with Lingon berries. The Peaches have just started to be harvested, the first ones are Red Haven - my favorite as an eating peach.

The weather has been really hot and sunny, but we had a nice rain yesterday, which cleared up the air.

I had some family to visit - a cousin to my dad, and her son and girl friend. It was nice, I had never met that part of the family earlier. We also met country-men from Scandinavia, Annette a pastor working in Cobden the nearest town to us and her husband Kay - coming from Finland and their son.

July will be busy, that is when the really fruit season starts, and then it continues through September. If you haven't eaten a Southern Illinois Peach before, well then you haven't eaten a real tasteful peach previous. Come over and taste.

the warm nice weather is here . Jasmine, honeysuckle, tulip trees and the roses are now blooming. The construction of the winery is in the last phase, we are busy like bees . More and more wine is being bottled. The grape wines are now requiring a lot of attention, they need to be thinned and open up, and sprayed, and the trellises need to be repaired etc. etc. We did plant one acre of NY 70, a new variety of red heavy grapes, and they have already started to peek out, from the top of the tubes they are growing in. They grow in tubes, due to that the deer's who really like to eat the new fresh grape leaves that come up.
There was a lot of wine festivals during the May month , and there are more to come during June. Come down and see us. We open the winery on June 25.

is a beautiful month, with all peach and apple trees taking turns to bloom, the rolling hills dressed in pink and later white blossoms. Humming birds and barn swallows are HERE, -they are really busy eating and building their nests. The later part of April has been warm and pleasant.

We found out that the winter was colder and harder, than we realized, with a lot of the peach and nectarine trees hit by cold weather. We will not get the variety of peaches, as we usually do, and NO nectarines.The winery is slowly coming together, with Anders building and Gerd painting and decorating in old traditional Swedish style. Anders is concentrating mostly on working with the final touch of the wines. Some of the labels are finished, and we will have Kevin to help out with remaining labels.

Gerd is also on the go, ordering different items and planning for the Scandinavian gift shop, that will be in the winery. The plan to open the winery is now around the end of June.
The winter is over, the weather is beautiful, birds are singing -everything is starting to wake up. Spring is wonderful!

March- Spring is here! Magnolia trees are blooming and a lot of other flower buds are almost ready to open up, the frogs have started to sing their spring song. Purple martins just arrived for this year . The peach trees are pruned and fertilized and we are working on pruning the grape vines.We just came back from a trip to Sweden , where we visited our family and friends, and cuddled with our first grandchildren - they are beautiful - what else can a grandma say!

February- We are still working on the winery, there is still a lot of work to be done. We are making signs for the barn and the road. The pruning has started both for the peaches and the grapes .
The wine is cold-stabilizing, Anders is preparing to bottle the various wines, and he has started to order more and more equipment for the bottling line.

The weather has been a pleasant 50 F with sunshine the last couple of days .The daffodils, spring irises and snowdrops are blooming. The geese are heading north, which is a sure sign that Spring is approaching. So, come visit beautiful southern Illinois

Also, we are now grandparents to Alva and Bror, our twin newborn grandchildren- our first grandchildren !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are MORMOR and MORFAR (Swedish for grand parents on the mother side).

We had a great Christmas, with friends and family.
Malin and Mats, our oldest daughter and her fiancé spent the Christmas and New Year holiday with us.

On the wine front:
Anders has been cold stabilizing the wine and our labels have been approved, and sent to be printed. Anders has finished the ceiling in the winery's retail shop and we have started decorating the old beams and post in the barn in the old tradition Swedish style.

2004 NEWS

December -
Thank you all friends and customers for the year 2004.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Gerd and Anders Hedman

passed in a snap. The weather has been rainy, but warm, most trees have lost their leaves by now. Anders has been busy working with the wine; racking and working with chemical balance, it looks like year 2004, has been a very good and flavor full wine year. We are in process of joining the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail, so there will be seven wineries in the trail next year - It will be perfect for a two day vacation trip, plus you can stay in a B&B over night.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with good friends, and now we are waiting for Dec.20th, when Malin and Mats (our oldest daughter and future son in law) will arrive for Christmas.

The fall is here and the trees have changed into their beautiful autum clothes; red, yellow, and orange. We are still having nice warm days and we are taking all the opportunities to be outdoors.

Anders is busy with wine making, testing the chemical values and racked all wine, to get rid of sediments that can affect the flavor of the wine . We went to Lebanon, Missouri the other day and bought 10 oak barrels and we are working on the difficult task of getting some nice labels made.

Our family now has three new babies - three kittens. They are playing around in our kitchen as I write. And soon they will be our new barn cats come spring.

There is still much to do in our area, so why not take a couple of days and come for a relaxing visit.

-has been the primary grape harvest month. It has been a very busy month. We harvested all the grapes and the weather has been just perfect - with very few bees and wasps. We are grateful for that. On September 12 the Cafe' closed for the season. Next year, when we open the Winery, the Cafe' will be open year around.The bed & breakfast has been busy, with all activities going on in the area. In September alone was the Shanwee Hills Wine Trail festival , the Apple festival in Murphysboro, the big Pig Out festival in Carbondale, etc.

is also a busy month in the area, as well. There is the Colorfest in Anna and the Vulture festival in Makanda, Illinois.

Our daughter , Lena and her husband Christer, come over from Sweden to visit for two weeks. It was wonderful to have the family over here and they had great news--we are going to become grand parents in February to twins!!The roses are still blooming, but the Sunflowers have faded for the
season. The sounds of the night are quieter but the tree frogs , cicadas and grass hoppers are still going strong. The air is fresh and clear and the stars and constellations are bright. Autumn is a beautiful time.

August is one of our busiest times. The harvest of peaches and nectarines are finished and sold out. Now we are harvesting wine making grapes. With August being a cold and wet month Anders has been fighting weather related diseases on the grapes. The Traminette grape is very sensitive to weather related diseases, but it seems like we will have a good Chambourcin crop .
The Cafe' has been busier than last year and more people are starting to find us here in the country side. We have many people coming from the larger cities like St. Louis and Chicago to visit us. The B&B is also picking up.

The Roses has been blooming the whole summer and so have the Sunflowers, which are attracting all kind of birds . We have only a couple of Hummingbirds left and a few Swallows, most of them have left to migrate south for the winter.
Fall is coming soon and with it comes many festivals and out door activities--it is a very nice time in the area. Plan on a visit to see for yourself.

The harvest of peaches and nectarines are in full swing. It's a good year for fruit and we've have plenty. Redhaven started the season (Hedman family's favorite), then there was Loring, a very large peach -which produces in abundance with the mild winters we have had. The Contender a sweet freestone peach and the Red Gold Nectarines are crispy and good. The king of peaches, the Cresthaven and the red skin, Ovation nectarine and Encore peach are next on the list. Our seedless grapes will be harvested on Aug.11. and will be sold on the farm and in the Carbondale markets.

The Peachbarn Cafe' is also open, serving full menu during the weekends and salads and sandwiches during the week.
The Cafe' will be open weekends only from 12.00 (noon) to 6.00 p.m. starting the week of Aug.16

came and left very quickly , It has been a busy period , with thinning and open up the vines, so the sun can reach the grapes and peaches.The Redhaven peaches, which are our first peaches to ripen , are now starting to turn to a nice red color. We will open the fruit retail stand and the Cafe' on July 10th. The fruit stand will be open from 10-6.00 and the Cafe' from 11.00-6.00 daily.During June we have also landscaped a part of the sloop around the pond , but with all heavy rain that we have had - most of the top soil and the grass seeds are down in the pond.Celebrating Mid Summer with good friends we had a traditional Swedish Tips Promenad (a quiz walk), the weather was just perfect.Anders is working on the new construction of our new cool room, to improve the handling of the fruit. The old cool room is heavy to work with, and we reload the fruit by hand, but with the new one, we can drive in the fruit directly. It will save time and our backs.

The Hummingbirds are here and they are buzzing around the feeders. Trees are blooming. The yellow tulip poplar, black locust with their white, very fragrant flowers, and we will soon see the silk trees blooming.We spied the first fire flies and they are flickering like small stars in the night sky. The tree frogs are here, singing -- filling the night air with the typical sounds of summer and a true sign of the coming summer here in southern Illinois.News: Anders took "Best in Show" of the red wines, at the Illinois Amateur Wine Competition in Illinois. This is good for our coming venture in the winery business.
Work at the farm in May--thinning of the peaches and grapes, building trellis, and working to finish the pergola and the new cool room. We have had a very wet and cold spring, but the weather is now improving to a sunny pleasant 85 F degrees.

-The winery is now finished and the federal applications sent in.The pruning in the Orchard and the Vineyard is finished. We just hope that it will not be a severe frost night, that will kill the becoming fruit. The Peach trees are still blooming, and it's very pretty in the area, now the apple trees are also starting to bloom in the rolling hills of Alto Pass.

Apple trees  

We also have a lot of different spring bulbs blooming and blooming trees in the area, during the spring. During April , you can for example see Magnolia, Bradford Pear trees, Redbuds, Dogwood trees, Crab apple trees, Weeping Cherry, Paw-Paw. It's all worth a visit.Birds; the Bluebirds are here and the Purple Martins arrived two weeks ago , and the Barn Swallows arrived this week. I put out the Hummingbird feeders this weekend- they will soon be here. Next project will be to build trellis for new planted grapevines, and to keep the weed out and to cut grass. We just ordered new vines for next year, it's a new vine called NY 70 , and SIU has worked with this new grape for a while, we will plant one acre. We ordered them from Grafted Grape Vines which has very good quality vines.We are also going to landscape the area, around parts of the pond.The fish in the pond are growing, and the bass is VERY big. You are welcome to fish, when you are staying with us.

-we received the local winery permit, and are now
working on the construction of the winery, which will be located in the barn. When the construction of the winery is finished in February/March, we will apply for a federal permit, so we can
use this year's grape crop for wine making.

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